“Corporate purpose provides meaning, gives direction and generates wealth. Therefore, it is important for it to permanently remain on the agenda at the most strategic levels of organizations.”

Yacoff Sarkovas


I have four decades of entrepreneurial experience, working at the intersection of business and public interests, and in the relationship between tangible and symbolic assets.

During this time, I have learned to admire companies that are clear about their raison d’être and create value by sharing that purpose. These companies are more solid, enduring and socially recognized.

Currently, I work individually in the strategic sphere of organizations, to help preserve their essences and to align them with their perceived value as determined by their stakeholders.



The speed of transformations and their resulting complexity represent added risks and opportunities to businesses and society.

In this context, clarity of purpose is critical for the stability and prosperity of organizations, as it is a key factor in:

  • defining the business model,
  • steering the strategic plan,
  • driving innovation,
  • strengthening the internal culture,
  • attracting and retaining talents,
  • building customer loyalty,
  • generating identification by stakeholders.